In Prussiani machines for cutting porcelain stoneware

Prussiani Engineering creates machines suitable for cutting porcelain stoneware. This material is very versatile and, if the correct machinery is used, it can be cut, drilled and worked with amazing results.

The machines for cutting porcelain stoneware are designed and manufactured by Prussiani according to the needs of individual customers.

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Cut & Jet: the best solution for cutting porcelain stoneware

At Prussiani, technological research is continuous and constant in order to offer its customers the highest level of innovation for the cutting of natural stone, ceramics and porcelain stoneware. The combined machines CUT & JET are excellent for cutting porcelain stoneware.

The combined CUT & JET for cutting stoneware are designed and built to optimize the production process as they combine the speed of the disc, the versatility of the water jet and the efficiency of the CUT & MOVE system, a Prussiani patent.

  • The electro-spindle for diamond disc is ideal for very high precision cuts.
  • The Waterjet technology is at high pressure and abrasive, allowing the material to be processed without stress.
  • The CUT & MOVE system allows you to automatically move the strips on the workbench, so that the diamond disc makes the remaining cuts without engraving the neighboring pieces.

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Porcelain stoneware: the new frontier in the world of furnishings

Porcelain stoneware is a compact ceramic resulting from the synthesis and pressing of minerals, kaolins, feldspar and clay. Thanks to its characteristics, today it is increasingly chosen by architects and interior designers and used in furniture.

Let’s see specifically the characteristics of porcelain stoneware:

  • Abrasion resistance
  • Waterproofness
  • Resistance to all weather conditions: ideal for interior and exterior furnishings
  • Color stability – colors are not altered upon exposure to atmospheric agents.

Thanks to Prussiani’s porcelain stoneware cutting machines, it is possible to obtain different processes.

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