Milling machines

Machines that, in addition to cutting, allow more elaborate processing such as blocks, shower trays, arches, bathtubs, capitals, columns, bas-reliefs, and 3D realizations.

Powered by a numerical control interfaced with CAD/CAM systems allow the Customer to produce different works like linear cutting, curved or inclined, letters and engravings and massive blocks profiling and shaping.

5 or 6 interpolated axis milling machines NEW CHAMPION PLUS are designed and built for processing of marble, granite, engineered quartz, natural stones and ceramic. Whether for the production of unique pieces or for serial production milling machines NEW CHAMPION PLUS are used for the production of cornices arches, profiles, handrails (both linear and curved), tables, bathtubs and shower trays, columns and capitals, sculptures, bas-reliefs and statues, funerary art, external furnishings and urban décor. CNC MILLING MACHINES NEW CHAMPION PLUS may be customized according to the Customer’s needs about production and space available into his factory.

New Champion Plus 700

Reliable and durable machine that can adapt to both small- and large-scale production. It offers a wide range of workings, from the simplest to the most elaborate.

Milling machine

New Champion Plus 1000

Reliable and durable machine, it offers complex workings even for slabs with higher thickness. Suitable for both small- and large-scale production.

Milling machine

New Champion Plus 1300

Reliable and durable machine, it offers complex workings even for large and thick slabs. Suitable for both small- and large-scale production.

Milling machine

New Champion Plus 1800

Precise, reliable and durable, this machine is designed for processing very big blocks with a significant thickness.

Milling machine

New Champion Plus 2200

Large machine for processing slabs and large pieces of stone. Precise, reliable and durable.

Milling machine

Customized machines

Are you looking for a machine that perfectly meets your needs? Prussiani Engineering studies, designs and produces the machine of your dreams.

Easy to manage

Machine stability and perfect cutting quality

bridge movement by two motors, one on the right and one on the left
(GANTRY system)

Machine easy to use

intuitive CAD/CAM software

Safe piece fixing and non-deformability of work tables

top of the working table made of a special Prussiani rubber or slotted aluminum

Easy and lowered maintenance

planning controlled and guided by CNC

No risk of oil stains on the marble slabs

lubrication with EP1 density grease

Attention to people safety

machines compliant with the most recent safety standards

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Advice, assistance and support

Dedicated services

Spare Parts Shop Online

B2B e-commerce reserved for Prussiani Engineering customers who want to buy spare parts online, quickly, easily and safely. Dedicated offers and convenient payment by credit card or PayPal.

Technical Assistance

In case of need for a spare part, to update the software or for a maintenance intervention, Prussiani Engineering provides an after-sales service with qualified and always available technicians.

Advice and support

One of the great strengths of Prussiani Engineering is the commercial network present all over the world, which guarantees an active consultancy service and continuous support.

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