Prussiani engineering

"The dream continues"

Our mission

Offering advanced, efficient and customized machine is the mission of Prussiani Engineering, that since 1991 has been dedicated to the design and building of high quality numerical control machines.
This is the result of major investments in research and technological innovation, the constant expansion of the technical-commercial network that ensures assistance before and after the purchase and the continuous sharing of knowledges and experience between collaborators, Customers and suppliers.

A story that testifies to Prussiani Engineering’s passion and commitment in offering the market products that are always innovative, capable of responding to the concrete needs of companies.


The dream of Mario Giorgio Prussiani and his wife Mariella Lucchini came true, giving life to Prussiani Engineering.


Mario Giorgio Prussiani designs the world's first CNC lathe to produce twisted columns.


The Cut & Move system is born, the first suction cup manipulator in the world for displacing pieces on the working table (Prussiani Engineering European Patent EP 1651409).


Inauguration of the headquarters in Galvani Street in Albano Sant’Alessandro (BG).


The innovative Tango machine is presented, the numerical controlled bridge saw with two cutting heads which, working simultaneously, drastically reduce processing times.


Prussiani Engineering celebrates 25 years of activity.


Designed the Cut & Jet Polishing machine that combines the speed of disc cutting, the versatility of waterjet and edge polishing.


Expansion of the production site at the site in Quagliodromo Street in Albano Sant’Alessandro (BG).

Talent and passion

Fascinated since his youth by the design of numerical control machines, Mario Giorgio Prussiani decided to devote his studies and career path to this field, later specializing in the stone industry.

He shared with his wife Mariella Lucchini the dream of having their own business; thus it was that they founded Prussiani Engineering in 1991. Started as a small design studio, the company has grown over the years to two offices and more than 50 employees.

Their continuous desire to grow and improve, openness to innovative solutions and professionalism are a great example for all employees and for the new generations: their daughter Luciana, their son-in-law Paolo and the longtime collaborator and partner Corrado.

Prussiani Engineering is quality, service, customisation, automation and intelligent integration.

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