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Anyone who buys a Prussiani machine makes an investment in the future.

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Prussiani Engineering contributes to the protection of the environment by supporting virtuous behavior and promoting the diffusion of the environmental culture. The company operates in the respect of the environment engaging in a constant search for suitable solutions to guarantee the minimum environmental impact linked to the performance of its business activity. Attention to the correct waste separation and consumption control. The factory was built with thermic material and recently LED lighting was installed. Prussiani Engineering supports FAI (Fondo Ambiente Italiano), that protects, enhances and promotes the Italian cultural and landscape heritage within a framework of environmental and economic sustainability. ISO 14001 certified company.

After-Sales Assistance

Whether an intervention or a spare part is needed, the company provides an after-sales service up to the quality of the machines it produces. Prussiani Engineering is organized to intervene promptly in Italy and abroad in order to help its Customers.

Human Resources

Prussiani Engineering tries to reach a constant enhancement of human resources offering training courses, attention to the individual attitudes and needs. It promotes the organization of events and meetings aimed at promoting group cohesion and strengthening. Its goal is to ensure a safe working environment, reducing the potential risks in carrying out activities and respecting the health of employees. ISO 45001 certified company.

Excellent product


Extremely robust and solid machines, built with high quality and long-lasting products. The goal of every singular component is to work at its best and lasting over time. Who buys a Prussiani Engineering machine makes an investment for the future and, when it will buy a new one, it will not be to replace the one already owned, which will continue to work, but to meet the new needs of the market. ISO 9001 certified company, guarantee of an effective production process for the realization of an excellent product.


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